Top Ten List

10 Reasons Parents Should Choose High Flyers Child Care, LLC for Their Children

Number 10

At High Flyers Child Care, LLC we provide high-quality child care, early childhood education and preschool for children between the ages of six weeks to 12 years old. We pride ourselves on our commitment to your child's education versus simply providing a day care service.

Number 9

We provide developmental education appropriate for all ages. For example, by providing a curriculum to 3-5 year olds we set them up for success as they enter kindergarten and better prepare parents for raising them.

Number 8

We will keep your children well fed by providing nutritious meals and snacks at no extra charge to you.

Number 7

We ensure that your children are getting exercise outside (weather-permitting) so they are remaining active and socializing with their friends.

Number 6

High Flyers Child Care provides free transportation to all of Edmond's Public Schools, as well as out of school care during the summer, spring and winter.

Number 5

Communication is our priority. We provide daily written reports for parents of infants, toddlers, and children ages 2-4 so that you are aware of their activities each day.

Number 4

We have over 25 years of experience caring for children.

Number 3

Your child's safety is our priority. All of our teachers are certified in CPR and the administration of First Aid.

Number 2

Our master teachers holds credentials or a degree in childhood education.

Number 1

The most important reason you should enroll your child at High Flyers Child Care, LLC? All of our centers are nationally accredited and rated three stars for exceptional quality!

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